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Spirituality and Motherhood
Jun 30, 7:00 PM

In the Yoruba language of West Africa, abiyamo means mother. In essence, abiyamo echoes the sacredness of motherhood and all of its celebration and yes, its challenges.


Motherhood is a journey that brings us joy, yet tests the depths of our spirit. Days that are not so "motherly", may be followed by days when nothing and no one can remove the abundance of joy and laughter that the mere thought of our children bring. abiyamo is relationship. Not only our relationship with our children, but our relationship with self and everything and everyone.









At abiyamo, we embrace the connectedness between spirituality and maternal health. When we pay homage to our cultural choices, practice the spiritual traditions of our preference and feel good about ourselves and the world we live in, we promote our own emotional, behavioral, educational and physical wellbeing, and the wellbeing of our loved ones.


A child does not belong to the father or the mother; a child belongs to the ancestors

                  ~African Proverb

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