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In the Yoruba language of West Africa, abiyamo means mother. In essence, abiyamo echoes the sacredness of motherhood and all of its celebration and yes, its challenges.

So you have created the website, established clientele, and traveled the world training others in the field of maternal health. But even the best trainers know the value in seeking direction and taking time to reevaluate their curriculum, personal teaching style and cultural strategy.

abiyamo is the go to training source for birth workers, clinicians, educators, mental health professionals and spiritual practitioners. Our train-the-trainer platform is rooted in cultural humility, with a specific focus on indigenous education, the historical trauma of ethnic hatred and spiritual oppression and its impact on maternal mental health.









This book is a must have for Ifá/Orisa devotees and anyone working in childbearing within ethnically diverse communities. It is in Ifá that abiyamo was born! To purchase, follow this link http://ifaworks.com/product/iyami-lecture-los-angeles-california-march-2016/


Spiritual Oppression and Racism
Jul 26, 7:00 PM
Via Zoom

A child does not belong to the father or the mother; a child belongs to the ancestors

                  ~African Proverb

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