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Ife (love) is an artist, cultural educator, clinical mental health scholar, doula, and maternal child health consultant. A practitioner in the ancient West African system of Ifa, she brings her commitment to holistic education, eco-friendly practice and respect for diversity to each birth and postpartum experience. Ife's personal and professional background is multifaceted and interdisciplinary.

  • MA - Maternal Child Health

  • M.Ed. - TESOL

  • MS.Ed (C) - Cultural Education

  • Certificate, Contemporary Mental Health Services

Biography: Ife's journey of community service began at the feet of her Nana, a nurse, who began grooming her to be a spiritual  worker at birth. 


At age 7, she was invited by an Elder to speak to religious leaders and community members at a church event. Time spent with a spiritual educator as a young adolescent led to her being asked to teach courses in religion to children and adults. 

In 2008, Ife founded a women's coalition that served marginalized communities. She co-developed the curriculum and instruction for S.O.A.R., a forum on building and sustaining healthy interpersonal relationships in 2009. Between 2008-2012, Ife cofounded and led a 14-organization partnership comprised of artists, community mobilizers, editors and writers, mental health professionals, politicians and public health officials.


Ife launched abiyamothemotherline in 2015. She has trained with International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC) Founder and President, Shafia Monroe, National Black Doula Association (NBDA) Founder Tracie Collins, and DONA trainer, Rae Davies, Founder of The Birth Company. 

abiyamo's mission and vision is to promote cultural expansion and indigenous education in the field of maternal child health and the motherhood experience on a global level. 

Our Philosophy
Oubi (divine energy) studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His focus in metaphysical philosophy and nutritional medicine and his presence supports abiyamo's mission to encourage gender fluidity in childbirth.
He oversees the musical  connections and preferences of our  expecting families and his services include: ancient herbal practice, sacred drumming, as well as made-to-order masks and spiritual talismans. 

We approach art and life from a holistic perspective. The services we provide and garments we make are consecrated. The Motherline, featuring tailored MABA (Mommy/Baby) wearis our gift to you from the Motherland.


abiyamo's birthing practices encompasses a mind-body-spirit philosophy, with intervention strategies aimed to encourage positive health and mental well being, spiritual practice, creativity, joy and family support system.


“Yo pa ka achte moso manman nan mache.
One can’t buy a piece of mother in the market. Mothers are irreplaceable”. Haitian Proverb.
“Ìyá ni wúrà iyebíye tí a kò lè fowórà.
Mothers are precious gold that are simply priceless.” Yoruba Proverb.

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