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My name, Ife, means love in the Yoruba language. I am a cultural educator, doula, Nana, maternal child health consultant, clinical mental health scholar, singer and spiritual practitioner. 


  • MA - Bastyr University

  • M.Ed. - Eastern University (December 2019)

  • MS - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (2020)

  • Certificate, Contemporary Mental Health Services

Oubi (divine energy) is an multimedia and performing artist with a focus in metaphysical philosophy and nutritional medicine. His services include: ancient herbal practice, sacred drumming, as well as made-to-order masks and spiritual talismans. Oubi provides invaluable vision to our MABA (Mommy/Baby) clothing line. 

We approach art and life from a holistic perspective. The services we provide and garments we make are consecrated. The Motherline, featuring tailored MABA (Mommy/Baby) wearis our gift to you from the Motherland.


abiyamo's birthing practices encompasses a mind-body-spirit philosophy, with intervention strategies aimed to encourage positive health and mental well being, spiritual practice, creativity, joy and family support system.


“Yo pa ka achte moso manman nan mache.
One can’t buy a piece of mother in the market. Mothers are irreplaceable”. Haitian Proverb.
“Ìyá ni wúrà iyebíye tí a kò lè fowórà.
Mothers are precious gold that are simply priceless.” Yoruba Proverb.

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