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PSI State Coordinator (Florida)

Clothing Line ~ Still pregnant! (but arriving soon)

Telephone Consultation

 ~ Learn the purpose of having a doula

 ~ Get trauma-informed emotional support 

 ~ Establish a plan rooted in your cultural beliefs

 ~ Empathic consultation for birth or child loss


Prenatal Visits 

We're pregnant! Now what? This is the time when self-care for you and baby matter the most. abiyamo healthy prenatal care packages include:

 ~  Coordinated birth center tours

 ~  Healing strategies with a naturopathic focus

  Individualized travel care bag


Labor and Postpartum Care

 ~  Home birth education

 ~  Cultural theming and planning (we offer live music!)

 ~  Spiritual counsel

  Lactation support

 ~  Community referrals



As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

The primary role of a traditional doula is holistic, and provides mother and baby with spiritual, emotional and physical guidance and well being. At abiyamo, we are prepared to take basic vital signs, and support the baby's transition into the world. We do not perform surgery. 

Make decisions for you 

It's all about you. While we are here as a present support, the decisions you make during pregnancy and childbirth is strictly up to you. We are here if you need us, and completely understand when it is time for us to go. 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

We do not intervene on your behalf with medical staff. The role of a doula is that of a birthing assistant only. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

The Yoruba are a people with ancient history dating before the 7th century BCE. Our history, culture, language and spiritual practices are rooted in the being's oneness with nature. No need to convert you. You are beautiful exactly as you are. The vision of abiyamo is to provide traditional child bearing services and advocacy rooted in a holistic model of mental, physical and spiritual well being. 

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The Motherline

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